We vet every band who plays at our venue so the result is the BEST live music the we feel South Wales has to offer. Just check out the selection we offer;

The Italics
A pair of bright young lads present themselves as another fine Acoustic guitar and Piano duo, taking you through the early evenings with a collection of hot indie and acoustic pop hits from the last 30 years.

Is that Kelly Jones voice echoing from within the Live Lounge? You’d be forgiven for thinking so; it is in fact the impeccable singing voice of Bespoke, the acoustic guitar and piano duo playing another Stereophonics classic. These chaps cover everything from razorlight to Damien Rice.

Rob Cross Duo
Rob Cross is well known for his mellow baritone vocals and smooth acoustic jangling. He is often accompanied by friends on Bass Guitar and Piano as they fly through everything from Johnny Cash’s country blues to the contemporary pop hero’s coldplay.

The Lazy Mojo Band
Rob Cross takes to the stage as front man and lead guitarist in Cardiff’s funkiest covers band. Playing everything from Winehouse to the White Stripes in full funk-band style, with added Saxophone to measure.

Smokin’ Aces Duo
Lead Singer Claire and Guitarist Jamie pull up a chair, pour a whiskey from the jar and begin reminiscing us with acoustic rock ballads from years gone by mashed-up with the occasional song by pop legend Lady Gaga.

Smokin’ Aces Band
Are you ready to rock? To get the party started with an all-out barrage of glam-rock riffs, it’s the Smokin’ Aces! Bringing you AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Guns & Roses and all the best 80’s rock… with a few modern twists thrown in for good measure. Did someone mention Lady Gaga?

Colum Regan
This Cardiff based acoustic musician has arguably got more talent in his left foot than the entire X-Factor put together, and he uses that left foot to provide kick-drum fuelled covers to the Live Lounge every Sunday night, warming the spot up for the hottest tribute bands the UK has to offer.

They take their name from a classic film… Goose is fronted by Irishman Colum Regan; with his exemplary talents as an acoustic guitarist and singer, combined with some of Cardiff’s finest musicians on accompaniment. They aren’t limited by genre and play everything from Radiohead to the Rolling Stones, often taking requests.”

Honey Fungus Band
Pembroke based acoustic duo Honey Fungus are joined in the evenings by Loudhailers Dan Wilmore on Drums to get everybody dancing! Playing all the hits from your favourite bands including Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Beats International – this is jam hot!

Honey Fungus Duo
This Pembroke based acoustic duo uses all their hands and feet to entertain you, covering bands all across the musical spectrum from Radiohead to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Angharad boasts a unique voice forged through relentless gigging upon the mountaintops of the French Alps, whilst Johns backing vocals and rhythm guitar are second to none and to top it off he plays the drums with his feet! Honey Fungus simply must be witnessed firsthand.

…that’s how lead vocalist Wade has been described by critics. With the voice of a true Soul Legend, and complimented by some of Wales’s best musicians this 5 piece soul band covers everything from Marvin Gaye’s ‘heard it through the grapevine’, to Stevie Wonders ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’.

Minnie’s Chuff
A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, Minnie’s Chuff provide stadium rock theatrics with a setlist to match, this four piece rock group will bring the house down! Expect covers from Kansas, The Rolling Stones and Queen to be recounted by Ruth’s incendiary vocals, an act not to be missed ladies and gentlemen!

Kenny Driscoll Band
It’s the Kenny Driscoll Band! These swingin’ cats will rock’n’roll the night away with 60’s and 70’s classic rock hits that you can’t help but rock out to! Covering bands like The Clash and Led Zeppelin, you’ll be singing along with Kenny til the night is through!

Little Giants
Tony Morley fronts this 4 piece rock band that will cover absolutely everything… Tony Morley’s jukebox brain will take your requests and produce a setlist to suite the audience! So get involved, whether it’s Tina Turner or The Stereophonics, the Little Giants will keep your appetite for great music satisfied.

Tony Morley
With a brain like a giant jukebox, is there a song this man can’t play? Challenge him and find out! Tony plays acoustic sets in the daytime throughout the week at Live Lounge, covering everything from The Killers to Johnny Cash, and he’s frequently joined by bassist ‘DJ’ and talented percussionist Pete Ford. Drop into the Live Lounge for some of our home-cooking and check him out!

This is your straight-up 3-piece Indie Rock band. Covering Oasis, Razorlight, Stereophonics… and Dr Dre? Ok! Maybe they aren’t just your straight-up Indie Band after all! With a hot new single “Get it together now” and miles of style, 617 are destined for great things, come to the Live Lounge and see them before they get mega-famous!

Toby Lark Band
When they’re not touring the world, Toby and his band love to stop by and play a few nights at the Live Lounge. The band features a keyboard player blessed with two brains; using one hand to play the bass parts to songs on synthesizer and the other hand to play keys he’s a wonder to watch. With a strong Reggae and Rock music vibe they are known for covering Bob Marley, Sting and the Police and The Beatles tunes but with their own unique twist!

Crimes against Folk
A pre-match feature during the Rugby Internationals this cheery band of misfits will warm you’re heart on even the coldest day in Wales. Playing a joyous mixture of Celtic folk anthems, grab a beer, stomp your feet and join in with a good old fashioned sing-song!

Face Value
Featuring premier Welsh musicians; Sion Russell Jones on Guitar, Matthew Downer on Bass and Kieran Bailey on Kit – everyone in Face Value sings in three-part harmony as they rattle through an eclectic mix of rock, pop, country and soul. With covers from Blink 182, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry and The Beatles there’s bound to be something for everyone here!

Big What!? Band
You’ve seen big bands before – now come see the biggest! The vocal stylings of Neil “Deep End” Parker, Helena “Sunshine” Harrison, Alex “The Voice” Wood and Katy “Doc” Burgess lead The Big What?! Band through the best of Motown soul, old-time rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues and some left-field tunes. Powered by a three-piece rhythm section and with four mighty horns on top, The Big What?! Band have enough energy and volume to keep you up all night.

Sharing a passion for all things rock and roll, Lord of the Drums – Don Vincenzo, Legendary bass player ‘Ghost’, lead guitar heroes Diego and Tiago and Brazilian Front man Fernando Costa combined forces to create the ultimate rock band! …THIS IS LIVEWIRE! Playing your favourite tunes by Muse, AC/DC, Nirvana and Rage against the Machine these guys tear it up at the Live Lounge night after night!

Legendary touring band the Loudhailers! Playing a mixture of the very best in indie and rock from the last 30 years, this band is big in Ianappa and the French Alps where they frequently tour. Now playing for your enjoyment in the Live Lounge! Expect to hear songs by Wheatus, Blink 182, Blur, the Kaiser Cheifs, Biffy Clyro and Oasis to name but a few.

There’s nothing prehistoric about this rock’n’roll dinosaur! Good friends with LiveWire and the Loudhailers, Supersaurus are a rock band with attitude. Playing hits from big names such as the chilli peppers, Oasis, Stereophonics and many more – The Live Lounge is Supersaurus new stomping ground!

Trevor & Jones
Refined quality in Trevor and Jones, the welsh piano and acoustic guitar duo match made in heaven. Playing contemporary classics by the likes of Cat Stevens and Norah Jones, and throwing a few Sion Russell Jones originals into the mix, this duo will play your midday blues away, just drop into Live Lounge any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday lunchtime.

Ginge & Celloboi
Prodigal sons Sion Russell Jones and Matthew Downer go bluegrass on your … behind! With Double Bass and Acoustic Guitar they jam their way through folk re-imaginings of contemporary pop and rock tunes, including everything from Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom prison blues’ to that 90’s dance classic by 2 unlimited ‘no limits’ with some folk classics thrown in for good measure. It’s a hoedown throw down! Yeeeeehaw!

The old guys do it best! No offence Graffiti! We love you! Whether their playing your incredible 90’s dance medley featuring Faithless ‘Insomnia’, or rocking out men at work’s ‘land down under’, these guys are guaranteed to get the party started at the Live Lounge… I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s going to be a good night!

The Wonders & Duo
The Wedding Singers take to the big stage at the Live Lounge, playing everything from Take That to Michael Jackson, with a pumping backing band providing the rhythm make sure you bring your dancing shoes!

49 Giraffes
There’s not 49 of them, and they certainly don’t look or sound like giraffes… after a few pints perhaps? This power trio brings a catalogue of classic rock, swing, and blues to the Live Lounge stage, both in acoustic and full rock band form. The 49 giraffes will blow your mind with their renditions of ‘gay bar’ and ‘great balls of fire’, so make sure you’re mentally prepared by enjoying a few of our happy hour cocktails!

The Scam
Despite the name, you certainly get more than you pay for with this band, especially because all of our bands play for you for free! Rocking out in the Live Lounge with the Scam you’re likely to hear covers of everything from the Guns and Roses to Bonjovi!

2 Tickets 2 the Gunshow
The only way to bag a classy lady… is to get down the front for the Gunshow! One of Wales greatest up and coming rock bands, these guys are fully loaded! Bringing you some truly air-guitar-tastic tunes, including ‘Danger Zone’ from the soundtrack of the movie Top Gun! Other than being unhealthily obsessed with Ron Burgundy; world famous Anchorman… They also play covers of tunes by Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Guns and Roses and Bonjovi … Gunshow! Assemble!

Contrary to what their stage name might lead you to believe… there’s nothing sadomasochistic about Sasha and Nigel… They are in fact probably Wales most-loved Acoustic Duo! They put on a truly special performance every time they grace the Live Lounge stage and are an act that any music-lover simply cannot go without seeing. Playing a truly eclectic set featuring songs by Tenacious D, Lady Gaga, The Stereophonics, Bonjovi and Journey, mixed with witty between-song banter, you are guaranteed to be entertained from start to finish!

The Spokes
Cheeky Northerners Pete and Naomi perform another multi-tasking miracle by combining acoustic guitar playing with foot-drumming and singing! And being cheeky northerners it’s only right that they play songs by the Kinks, The Arctic Monkeys and Oasis to name but a few! If you fancy chilling out with a pint and hearing some class tunes, or having a bit of a boogie, the spokes have got you covered!

Daisy B
Solo Singer-Songwriter Daisy B is right up there with the best of them! But when she’s not playing her own music, she performs fantastic covers in her own style, playing everything from the Stereophonics to the Kinks; Daisy B’s got an extensive catalogue of hits to get you moving! So make sure to check her out on her visits to the lounge!

There’s four of them, and boy can they play! 4Play are another top-class act, picking songs from every avenue. With covers from welsh rockers the Stereophonics to the USA’s Grand Masters of Rock; Guns and Roses, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Once they start rocking there’s no stopping these musical gladiators, and you’ll only see them in the Live Lounge! So keep your eyes peeled for their next show!

If there’s one thing everyone loves, it a great rock’n’roll band. The Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, LED Zeppelin… they’re all awesome. And the Insiderz play songs by all of them! AWESOME!
So if you’re ready to rock, make sure you don’t miss the Insiderz next show at the Live Lounge! See you down the front!

Capitol Party Band
The Cardiff Based 5-Piece Capitol Party Band play a great collection of hits from the motown era, mixing smooth soul classics by the likes of Al Green and Dusty Springfield with funkadelic hits by Jamiroquai and contemporary tunes like ‘Valerie’ in the style of Amy Winehouse and ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.

Soul Miners
There’s a new crew in town, and they’ve got soul! The Soul Miners are one of the UK’s premier soul bands, featuring a top-class line up of soulful singers and a kicking backing band, saxophone included! They’ll tear through all the hits from the 60′s right up to now – with songs from Sly and the Family Stone, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and many more! You’ll be doing the twist and shaking your tail feather all night long!

The Godhead Number
featuring two original band members from legendary indie-rock band; ‘The Loudhailers’. The Godhead Number are an acoustic duo with a golden touch; playing classics from artists such as David Bowie and Queen alongside hits from their contemporarys from Razorlight to the ‘phonics.

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