In-house PA

At the Live Lounge Cardiff we want to make the live experience as good for you (the band) as it is for the audience. Therefore we have installed our own in-house PA system complete with sound man. All you have to do is bring your instruments and rock as hard as you can! If you have any questions about getting in and out of the venue please contact us otherwise read below to see the quality of the gear we have here for you.

Front of House

Mackie SRM450 active bi-amplified speakers
2 units, providing 400W RMS per side of full-range sound re-inforcement.
dB SUB 12 active subwoofer
A single unit provides 400W RMS of sub-range sound re-inforcement.


2 Monitor mixes are provided from our Soundcraft mixing console.
We can provide upto 3 Mackie SRM450′s for monitoring purposes.
We can also link our monitor mixes to your in-ear monitoring systems.


A full compliment of both wired and wireless instrument and vocal microphones is provided by the venue, including:

Shure SM58 x 3 and SM58beta x 1 vocal mic’s
Shure PG Drum Microphone Kit;
We can provide mic’s for Kick, Snare and 2 x toms, we also have 2 x overheads. Drummers with larger kit’s are asked to provide extra mic’s where necessary.
2 x Line6 Digital Wireless Microphone setup’s, providing better clarity than any UHF system on the market today.
1 x Shure Headset Microphone with UHF Wireless System for hands-free performance.

Wireless Systems

Along with the wireless microphone systems mentioned above, we have 2 digital Wireless Guitar Systems available, suitable for Bass and Electric/Acoustic Guitar.


Full Lighting rig is provided, featuring 8 digital LED par-cans and 2 intelligent moving head lights with pre-programmed light shows and on the spot lighting effects provided by our engineers to suite any performance.

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