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This band will blow your brains out!  This band has it all, Top Musicianship, Intense Charisma, and a set-list that would bring tears to the eye of any music lover...  You want hits from Britney Spears, Ronan Keating, S Club 7...?  Brainscape can play them all! And if you like bands that put variety in their set, then you will love these guys, Metallica, Nirvana and System of a Down anyone...? They are a band that truly has to be heard to be seen to be believed!


You may remember him from such films as ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’.  Joe ‘wookie’ Grant has gone from strength to strength, leaving the movie business behind and moving into live performance, he moonlighted as bassist and backing vocalist for Rob Cross, and has now matured into a fully fledged solo musician in a league of his own.  A self-confessed fan of Bill Withers, his warm and gentle vocals demand your attention be directed to the stage if only to confirm it isn’t actually Bill himself performing his magnum opus “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone”, which Joe truly does justice.  Along with other hits by ‘they might be giants’ and ‘death cab for cutie’ Granted cross many musical boundaries with their performances.

Street Cardinals

So named because their live shows are close to a religious experience, Cheeky Northerners Ben Hinchcliff and Al Murphy from ‘Two Counties’ have joined forces with Lewis Meyric to create the Live Lounge’s youngest cover band.  Performing charged rock and pop covers of the Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys and The Subways they’re a high energy group packed with talent bound to get your night off to a rapturous start!

Civil Wrongs

With a heavy-rock sound, these guys turn their amps up to 11 to kick off your night with hits from AC/DC, Guns’n’Roses, Muse, Nirvana and more.  But it’s not all for the hardcore rock fans, there’s still something for everyone as these guys are known to have a softspot for the odd rendition of Bruno Mars or Britney Spears…  so wrong… but feels so right!

The Dominos

If you haven’t heard of them by now, known for tearing down the French Alps during Ski Season, and smashing the big holiday resorts all Summer, The Dominoes like to visit their favourite venue in the U.K. between the seasons and turn the Live Lounge into party central.  This band is not to be missed, with their covers by artists such as Labrynth, Tinchy Strider, One Republic, DJ Fresh, Rudimental and Calvin Harris, they have dance and drum’n’bass heads covered, but that’s not all, covers by ‘Guns’n’Roses’, ‘Metallica’ and ‘Limp Bizkit’ also make an appearance!  There’s something to please even the Will Smith fans!  The Dominoes, Dominating the Live Lounge tonight! 

Georgina Davey

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist Georgina Davey is new in the Live Lounge this year, performing fantastic renditions of modern hits by Lorde, Kodaline and Lana Del Ray mixed up with classics by Nina Simone, Cat Stevens and Nancy Sinatra with haunting authenticity.

Two Piece Sweet

Their name is a sort of riddle, but don’t let that  worry you, if you’re feeling down this afternoon and as a fan of traditional rhythm and blues music, motown or soul; there’s few better remedies - if the title is still leaving you confused?  Christian has the keys to this dilemma, and Wade’s the voice of reason in this two-piece musical duo, who’s tunes can sooth all your troubles away here in the Live Lounge. 


The drinks aren’t the only things flowing in the Live Lounge tonight!  A red hot coverband cater to the counterculture with amp’d up performances of songs by ‘Muse’, ‘Guns’n’Roses’,  ‘Bruno Mars’, ‘The Killers’ and more!  Incendiary lead vocalist Talia Ould is a talent to behold in her own right, and backed up by some of the most talented musicians to grace the Live Lounge stage.  

4th Street

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know Cardiff's hardest rocking four-piece pop-punk band have been tearing up the live music scene around Europe for years, now on their third album, the boys take their name from song titles from cardiff-based rockers ‘Stereophonics, whom they supported in the Cardiff Millenium Stadium, and have played headline shows in numberous times, including for the WRU team send-off party before the last Rugby World Cup. When they aren’t entertaining Wales No.1 team’, they like to hit the Live Lounge to play you some of their best known hits, aswell as covers from ‘Feeder’, ‘Greenday’, ‘The Ramones’ and more!  Not to be Missed!

The Lettuce Heads

Come and have a few ‘garden shears’ down the Live Lounge tonight with The Lettuce Heads!  A right bunch of cockney geezer’s from South London, covering the hits of the 90’s, 00’s and today from; the clash, razorlight, blur and supergrass to name but a few.

Marie & The Divas

Some of you may know our spectacular pianist and singer Marie Batchelder from our weekend line-up between bands.  Now she fronts an all-girl band of her own!  Covering songs by such artists as Beyonce, Jessie J and Pink - And when you see this petite performner you might think Marie couldn’t hold a candle to the original performances of these tracks... Don’t let appearances fool you, once you hear her voice you’ll realise ‘this girl is on fire!’

Legs 11

This is a four-piece party band fronted by the beautiful Brooke Supple. Covering all your favourites from Rihanna, Adele, Katy Perry and more besides!  You may recognise Stephan and Tiago from the rhythm sections of bands like Live Wire, Electric Mayhem and Civil Wrongs; the bands heavy rock sound is owed very much to the amp’d up antics of this pair of virtuoso’s!  And with Ed on the heavy artillery the beat will keep you moving all night long!


Brighton based Rocketeers are jetting to the Live Lounge to unleash a salvo of hard-hitting rock’n’roll tunes from ‘The Darkness’, ‘The Stokes’, ‘AC/DC’ and more to provide an explosive start to your evening!  Featuring lead vocalist Matt and Drummer Lee Farmer from ‘Furyon’, one of Britains premeir touring rock bands, who give a visceral edge to every tune they launch into!

Girl Band

Some of you may know our spectacular pianist and singer Marie Batchelder from our weekend line-up between bands.  Now she fronts an all-girl band of her own!  Covering songs by such artists as Beyonce, Jessie J and Pink - And when you see this petite performner you might think Marie couldn’t hold a candle to the original performances of these tracks... Don’t let appearances fool you, once you hear her voice you’ll realise ‘this girl is on fire!’

Best Supporting Actors

You won't find these actors at the bottom of the bargain bin, you’ll be “counting stars” as they premiere at The Live Lounge tonight, these rambunctious lads from Merthyr Tydfil bring the best rock and pop hits fresh from the charts onto the stage!

The Blades

These guys are so sharp they might cut themselves!  Another outfit from the valleys, and good friends with Minnie's Chuff - these guys come to the Live Lounge every so often to unleash an incendiary performance of all your favourite party tunes!  They always fill the dance floor, so make sure you get here early to claim your space down the front!

The Groovinators

They want your hearts, your moves and your jagermeister!  And by the end of the night they'll usually have stolen all three!  The groovinators start out slow... with a groovy set of funk and pop tunes by the Jackson 5, Jamiroquai,  Earth, Wind & Fire... later on they spice it up adding tunes from the Killers and The Kings of Leon to their set, before you know it there's a fire on the dancefloor!  Asta la vista baby!

Ped & Joe With one foot in the past and one in the present, this mischeivious duo bring to the table an eclectic mix of indie/rock , soul/r’n’b, 90’s and 80’s cheese, and everything inbetween.  With such hits as TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ appearing in the same set as Micheal Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and Sting and the Police ‘Roxanne’ - there’s something for everyone in their treasure chest of melodies.  They often do a very special rendition of Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’, these chaps are sure to break even the most hardened audience into song!

Primo Acoustic Duo

Scott Giles (GILO) and Luke Giles (of Bespoke) have proven themselves great musicians in their own right, now that these two Cardiff born singer songwriters have joined forces to perform at the Live Lounge they produce excellent covers woven with fine vocal harmonies, they blissfully strum through tunes by fellow countrymen Stereophonics, classics like ‘Stand by Me’ (Ben. E. King) and a version of ‘Black and Gold’ also make an appearance in their set.  They are bound to please listeners of all kinds, and can take the tempo up a notch when the audience demands it with covers of ‘Johnny Be Good’ and ‘Roxanne’ to get your evening off to a great start!

SixOneSeven Duo

This is your straight-up 3-piece Indie Rock band.  Covering Oasis, Razorlight, Stereophonics... and Dr Dre?  Ok!  Maybe they aren’t just your straight-up Indie Band after all!   With a hot new single “Get it together now” and miles of style, SixOneSeven are destined for great things, come to the Live Lounge and see them before they get mega-famous!

Sion Russell Jones

Refined quality of Sean Russell Jones! Playing contemporary classics by the likes of Cat Stevens and Norah Jones, and throwing a few Sion Russell Jones originals into the mix, this duo will play your midday blues away, just drop into Live Lounge any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday lunchtime.


They say great things come in small packages.. and no truer words can be spoken about Miss Batchelder who has a voice so big even Luciano Pavarotti would be put to shame!  With her trusty keyboard, Marie performs tunes by legendary diva's such as Whitney, Beyonce and Alicia Keys... she's also known to play a few cheesy pop numbers and never fails to get you singing along!

The Italics

A pair of bright young lads present themselves as another fine Acoustic guitar and Piano duo, taking you through the early evenings with a collection of hot indie and acoustic pop hits from the last 30 years.


Is that Kelly Jones voice echoing from within the Live Lounge? You’d be forgiven for thinking so; it is in fact the impeccable singing voice of Bespoke, the acoustic guitar and piano duo playing another Stereophonics classic. These chaps cover everything from razorlight to Damien Rice.

Rob Cross Duo

Rob Cross is well known for his mellow baritone vocals and smooth acoustic jangling. He is often accompanied by friends on Bass Guitar and Piano as they fly through everything from Johnny Cash’s country blues to the contemporary pop hero’s coldplay.

Colum Regan

This Cardiff based acoustic musician has arguably got more talent in his left foot than the entire X-Factor put together, and he uses that left foot to provide kick-drum fuelled covers to the Live Lounge every Sunday night, warming the spot up for the hottest tribute bands the UK has to offer.


They take their name from a classic film… Goose is fronted by Irishman Colum Regan; with his exemplary talents as an acoustic guitarist and singer, combined with some of Cardiff’s finest musicians on accompaniment. They aren’t limited by genre and play everything from Radiohead to the Rolling Stones, often taking requests.”

Honey Fungus Band

Pembroke based acoustic duo Honey Fungus are joined in the evenings by Loudhailers Dan Wilmore on Drums to get everybody dancing! Playing all the hits from your favourite bands including Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Beats International – this is jam hot!

Honey Fungus Duo

This Pembroke based acoustic duo uses all their hands and feet to entertain you, covering bands all across the musical spectrum from Radiohead to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Angharad boasts a unique voice forged through relentless gigging upon the mountaintops of the French Alps, whilst Johns backing vocals and rhythm guitar are second to none and to top it off he plays the drums with his feet! Honey Fungus simply must be witnessed firsthand.

Minnie’s Chuff

A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, Minnie’s Chuff provide stadium rock theatrics with a setlist to match, this four piece rock group will bring the house down! Expect covers from Kansas, The Rolling Stones and Queen to be recounted by Ruth’s incendiary vocals, an act not to be missed ladies and gentlemen!

Kenny Driscoll Band

It’s the Kenny Driscoll Band! These swingin’ cats will rock’n’roll the night away with 60’s and 70’s classic rock hits that you can’t help but rock out to! Covering bands like The Clash and Led Zeppelin, you’ll be singing along with Kenny til the night is through!

Little Giants

Tony Morley fronts this 4 piece rock band that will cover absolutely everything… Tony Morley’s jukebox brain will take your requests and produce a setlist to suite the audience! So get involved, whether it’s Tina Turner or The Stereophonics, the Little Giants will keep your appetite for great music satisfied.

Tony Morley

With a brain like a giant jukebox, is there a song this man can’t play? Challenge him and find out! Tony plays acoustic sets in the daytime throughout the week at Live Lounge, covering everything from The Killers to Johnny Cash, and he’s frequently joined by bassist ‘DJ’ and talented percussionist Pete Ford. Drop into the Live Lounge for some of our home-cooking and check him out!


This is your straight-up 3-piece Indie Rock band. Covering Oasis, Razorlight, Stereophonics… and Dr Dre? Ok! Maybe they aren’t just your straight-up Indie Band after all! With a hot new single “Get it together now” and miles of style, 617 are destined for great things, come to the Live Lounge and see them before they get mega-famous!

Toby Lark Band

When they’re not touring the world, Toby and his band love to stop by and play a few nights at the Live Lounge. The band features a keyboard player blessed with two brains; using one hand to play the bass parts to songs on synthesizer and the other hand to play keys he’s a wonder to watch. With a strong Reggae and Rock music vibe they are known for covering Bob Marley, Sting and the Police and The Beatles tunes but with their own unique twist!

Crimes against Folk

A pre-match feature during the Rugby Internationals this cheery band of misfits will warm you’re heart on even the coldest day in Wales. Playing a joyous mixture of Celtic folk anthems, grab a beer, stomp your feet and join in with a good old fashioned sing-song!

Face Value

Featuring premier Welsh musicians; Sion Russell Jones on Guitar, Matthew Downer on Bass and Kieran Bailey on Kit – everyone in Face Value sings in three-part harmony as they rattle through an eclectic mix of rock, pop, country and soul. With covers from Blink 182, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry and The Beatles there’s bound to be something for everyone here!

Big What!? Band

You’ve seen big bands before – now come see the biggest! The vocal stylings of Neil “Deep End” Parker, Helena “Sunshine” Harrison, Alex “The Voice” Wood and Katy “Doc” Burgess lead The Big What?! Band through the best of Motown soul, old-time rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues and some left-field tunes. Powered by a three-piece rhythm section and with four mighty horns on top, The Big What?! Band have enough energy and volume to keep you up all night.


Sharing a passion for all things rock and roll, Lord of the Drums – Don Vincenzo, Legendary bass player ‘Ghost’, lead guitar heroes Diego and Tiago and Brazilian Front man Fernando Costa combined forces to create the ultimate rock band! …THIS IS LIVEWIRE! Playing your favourite tunes by Muse, AC/DC, Nirvana and Rage against the Machine these guys tear it up at the Live Lounge night after night!


Legendary touring band the Loudhailers! Playing a mixture of the very best in indie and rock from the last 30 years, this band is big in Ianappa and the French Alps where they frequently tour. Now playing for your enjoyment in the Live Lounge! Expect to hear songs by Wheatus, Blink 182, Blur, the Kaiser Cheifs, Biffy Clyro and Oasis to name but a few.


There’s nothing prehistoric about this rock’n’roll dinosaur! Good friends with LiveWire and the Loudhailers, Supersaurus are a rock band with attitude. Playing hits from big names such as the chilli peppers, Oasis, Stereophonics and many more – The Live Lounge is Supersaurus new stomping ground!

Trevor & Jones

Refined quality in Trevor and Jones, the welsh piano and acoustic guitar duo match made in heaven. Playing contemporary classics by the likes of Cat Stevens and Norah Jones, and throwing a few Sion Russell Jones originals into the mix, this duo will play your midday blues away, just drop into Live Lounge any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday lunchtime.

Ginge & Celloboi

Prodigal sons Sion Russell Jones and Matthew Downer go bluegrass on your … behind! With Double Bass and Acoustic Guitar they jam their way through folk re-imaginings of contemporary pop and rock tunes, including everything from Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom prison blues’ to that 90’s dance classic by 2 unlimited ‘no limits’ with some folk classics thrown in for good measure. It’s a hoedown throw down! Yeeeeehaw!


The old guys do it best! No offence Graffiti! We love you! Whether their playing your incredible 90’s dance medley featuring Faithless ‘Insomnia’, or rocking out men at work’s ‘land down under’, these guys are guaranteed to get the party started at the Live Lounge… I’ve got a feeling that tonight’s going to be a good night!

The Wonders & Duo

The Wedding Singers take to the big stage at the Live Lounge, playing everything from Take That to Michael Jackson, with a pumping backing band providing the rhythm make sure you bring your dancing shoes!


Contrary to what their stage name might lead you to believe… there’s nothing sadomasochistic about Sasha and Nigel… They are in fact probably Wales most-loved Acoustic Duo! They put on a truly special performance every time they grace the Live Lounge stage and are an act that any music-lover simply cannot go without seeing. Playing a truly eclectic set featuring songs by Tenacious D, Lady Gaga, The Stereophonics, Bonjovi and Journey, mixed with witty between-song banter, you are guaranteed to be entertained from start to finish!

The Spokes

Cheeky Northerners Pete and Naomi perform another multi-tasking miracle by combining acoustic guitar playing with foot-drumming and singing! And being cheeky northerners it’s only right that they play songs by the Kinks, The Arctic Monkeys and Oasis to name but a few! If you fancy chilling out with a pint and hearing some class tunes, or having a bit of a boogie, the spokes have got you covered!

Daisy B

Solo Singer-Songwriter Daisy B is right up there with the best of them! But when she’s not playing her own music, she performs fantastic covers in her own style, playing everything from the Stereophonics to the Kinks; Daisy B’s got an extensive catalogue of hits to get you moving! So make sure to check her out on her visits to the lounge!


There’s four of them, and boy can they play! 4Play are another top-class act, picking songs from every avenue. With covers from welsh rockers the Stereophonics to the USA’s Grand Masters of Rock; Guns and Roses, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Once they start rocking there’s no stopping these musical gladiators, and you’ll only see them in the Live Lounge! So keep your eyes peeled for their next show!

Soul Miners

There’s a new crew in town, and they’ve got soul! The Soul Miners are one of the UK’s premier soul bands, featuring a top-class line up of soulful singers and a kicking backing band, saxophone included! They’ll tear through all the hits from the 60′s right up to now – with songs from Sly and the Family Stone, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and many more! You’ll be doing the twist and shaking your tail feather all night long!

The Godhead Number

Featuring two original band members from legendary indie-rock band; ‘The Loudhailers’. The Godhead Number are an acoustic duo with a golden touch; playing classics from artists such as David Bowie and Queen alongside hits from their contemporarys from Razorlight to the ‘phonics.

Mikey Gray

Mikey is a legend in his own mind and is readily named inimitable amongst his peers, audiences and venue bookers. Mike's fun and charismatic approach to his gigs is infectious and his mesmeric command of his crowd through witty banter, great music and audacious antics turns any venue into a thronging mass in an instant. Mikey delivers a breath taking performance every time. With an ever growing repertoire of over 400 songs, he can play a gig to suit any type of audience.......Probably. Props include, loop pedals, tazers and toffee vodka! Mike spends his winters in the French Alps and his Summers in a bad life eh!?

Party HQ

Party HQ are a highly experienced 5 piece party band that play a great high energy mix of modern and classic hits that will definitely get your party rocking. They have spent the last 4 years performing around the UK's top venues as well as the most famous apres ski bars in the French Alps. This wealth of experience means the band are polished and professional and understand how to get people partying. Choose your favourite songs from an extensive repertoire and if there’s something you simply have to hear that’s not listed, the band will learn it for you!

What's Up

What's Up are a London-based trio specialising in all genres and priding themselves on getting a massive sound with only 3 members! Made up of professional session players both live and in the studio, What's Up combine their love and passion for all music with fantastic stage presence, wicked humour, unbelievable vibe and guarantee a show that you will never forget. From the moment the first chord is struck to the last crash on the cymbals, What's Up will have your party on its feet and screaming for more.

The Soul Thieves

The Soul Thieves are a band of young professional musicians who offer a less rigid approach than other function bands. For them, it’s about fluidity, feel and soul, not simply replicating a track from a CD. Founder Michael Jones has performed across the world and currently fronts one of the UK’s most successful Take That tribute acts. Two of their members are graduates in music technology and have spent recent years touring Europe. Their keyboardist is a regular session musician for up and coming artists and plays in his local church. Their drummer was taught, coached and loved by Showaddywaddy’s Romeo Challenger.

The Shakers

The Shakers are a high energy female-fronted live band made up of four professional full time musicians, who between them have a wide range of experience performing in the live music scene. The band play a mix of funk, rock, pop and soul from artists such as Aretha Franklin & Bill Withers to Adele & Bruno Mars.   Having performed worldwide from Devon to Dubai, and played at festivals, parties, clubs, weddings and corporate events; the band can cater for any event in any place.

Soul Train

SOUL TRAIN is a young, energetic and exciting seven piece band - A dynamic collaboration of talented musicians, combining the evolutionary beats of sixties soul music, 70s funk and bringing it bang up to date for the 21st century. Experience Motown treasures from artists such as Stevie Wonder, the funky explosive intensity of James Brown, and the superb melodic classics from Stax label artists such as Wilson Picket, Sam and Dave and the legendary Otis Redding. If you liked the Blues Brothers, if you liked the Commitments you'll love Soul Train ; ideal entertainment for parties and all kinds of events


Smile is a top live funk, soul & pop band, playing the ultimate in upbeat party tunes. The band is made up of between 6-10 of the finest professional musicians in the UK, all with successful careers in the music industry. The solid rhythm and tight brass section back the awesome vocals, putting together the funkiest and most energetic show on the current live band circuit.  Aiming to bring you the best live music experience available, Smile has built up a definitive repertoire of funk, soul and pop classics, featuring everything from Aretha Franklin to Basement Jaxx. Every tune is guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the dance floor moving.


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